I Will Not Comply Vaccine shirt

Naomi Osaka became the I Will Not Comply Vaccine shirt in contrast I will get this first Black female athlete to appear on a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover on Monday. Then, almost inevitably, she became the first Black female athlete to be shamed for it. “Since saying she’s too introverted to talk to the media after tennis matches, Naomi Osaka has launched a reality show, a Barbie, and now is on the cover of the SI swimsuit issue,” Clay Travis, a talk-radio host who replaced Rush Limbaugh, tweeted. Megyn Kelly, a person who was fired from NBC for defending blackface, decided to pile on Osaka, who is Haitian and Japanese, adding: “Let’s not forget the cover of (& interview in) Vogue Japan and Time Mag!” Piers Morgan subsequently involved himself, as he is wont to do whenever there is an opportunity for bigotry.

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