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Thus it is perfectly possible that Vegeta isn’t King of the Saiyans because he was never officially crowned as such WWE Bad Bunny performing live royal rumble 2021 shirt, and there aren’t any Saiyans left with the power to do so anymore, except Vegeta himself, and the fact that he still goes around calling himself the “Prince of All Saiyans” suggests that he isn’t particularly interested in being named “King” anyways, and so has chosen not to do so. Whenever he does use that title it is almost always in the context of evoking or bringing to attention the perceived glory of an imagined past, rather than staking claim to any form of political position for the future. “King of the Saiyans” in U7, when there’s basically only Vegeta and Goku and their children, and Vegeta has no practical means of commanding the loyalty or obedience of Goku or any of his children, and with his own children he already has the title of “Dad” to use for that effect, is as empty as an empty title can emptily be emptied, anyways.

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WWE Bad Bunny performing live royal rumble 2021 shirt

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It very much depends. The family of King Michael of Romania has worked in the Romanian government and is well-liked and given some deference by the public. On the other hand, King Kigeli V of Rwanda took no money out of the country with him and spent some time in the US living in public housing. Honestly, the answers are all across the spectrum. It depends greatly on circumstances – were they deposed violently or peacefully? How wealthy were they originally? Did they stash any money outside their country while reigning? There’s no uniformity but you can find some articles online about former monarchs. There’s a good bit about King Constantine of Greece, which is an interesting story. Certainly, a number of the German and Austrian families have done well for themselves. Some marry among the various families; others have married into business and banking.

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